NOA is a young Estonian brand driven by a desire to create and experiment. Our team focuses on bringing new architectural & interior ideas to life by creating outstanding design experiences.

After years of testing out different technologies and materials, NOA team has found a way to express ourselves by providing a unique interior design solution for those who are as passionate about space design as we are.


For Home

A synergy of form and function. Enhance the atmosphere of your private space with NOAs creative solutions. Customized to match, elevate and give character to any living space.

For Public Space

Unique designs that bring tranquility of the northern nature into large public spaces. Having taken into consideration the expectations of architects, engineers and construction specialists, NOA has created a surface panel solution for functional design in urban spaces — without compromising the environment or tomorrow’s safety.

Exclusive Design

Reinvent small or large space with NOA decorative panels and tiles. A hypnotizing game of light, nature imitating lines and shapes.



Installation is remarkably easy and requires practically no skill or special equipment. The product comes in a preassembled mode. Use the screws to attach our mounting system to the wall and connect the panel’s plug to the existing electricity grid.

Mobile Ready

Control your lights via Phone & Tablets with NOA App. Create the ambience that fits the moment. Coming soon.