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NOA Tiles for Interior Design
A perfect tool for architects of rhythm, depth, texture and light
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NOA Decorative Light Panels
Game of patterns and texture. Simple, elegant, mesmerising
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Veneer Coating

Modified veneer is the result of a combination of advanced technology and specially grown for this purpose species of a plantation tree. As a result, we achieve a wide range of colours and patterns and a varied structure of the surface.


RAL Paint

We can make our product in any RAL color. It can also be painted in other colours on request. Contact us for more information.


Latest Projects

Life-Stuudio Beauty Salon

Space design has the power to enhance the effect of any energy within it. So it is only right to surround professional beauty experts (and their patients) with an atmosphere that transpires harmony, peace and serenity. Rooms that exude tranquil elegance, grace, purity and authenticity – as inspiration to the magic and alchemy behind cosmetical care and treatment procedures.

Result: Thankful for the opportunity. Happy to have contributed. Warm and fuzzy to see the customer satisfied.


NOA Tiles #AlphenbergLeather Edition

Sophisticated, natural, chique… – our collaboration with Alphenberg has lead to a birth of an exclusive product. An impeccable combination – the newly born Noa Tiles with a touch of Asian buffalo skins.

Timeless, yet ultra creative, daring & tough, soothing & warm. Might we be slightly arrogant? We don’t think so.

Strong, insulated, noise reducing, durable and fire retardant. Beautiful.

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