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Meet Our Newest Family Member: NOA Tiles

Designed as rectangles that come with different surface finishes, these interior design panels are perfect tools for architects of rhythm, depth and texture.

Create dimensional patterns and amplify the feeling of the finishing layer via incorporated light. The tiles give shape to light, the light gives life to shapes.



Standart tile size is 400x400mm

Tile depth comes in 3 variations - 10mm, 20mm, 30mm

May include LED if desired

Choose a style, mood and pattern for your wall from four different tile collections: North, East, South and West.



Think of the Arctics. The Midnight Sun, vast frozen lands… Nature in a state of peace and tranquility. A silent cozy comfort. Shades of White. Soothing, yet crisp.

Light – Natural – Pure – Harmony



An exclusive product. Sophisticated & chique. The look, the feel, the sense of space… designed to stimulate all senses.

Vibrant, daring & tough…

Mosaic – Oriental – Sophisticated



Baked Earth. Inspired by Australian landscapes mixed with some African motives. Herbaceous greenish woodland contrasting the heated sultry sands. The terracotta.

Woody – Desert sands – Herbal –  Land & Soil



Built for high-end private projects to create stunning interiors and transform any modern space into a unique design. Timeless, yet ultra creative.

Balance – Urban jungle – Modern – High-End


Surface finishing options: Paint (RAL) or Veneer Coating (such as Ebony wood, Oaktree, etc.).

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